Our school team is comprised of qualified, highly motivated and experienced employees, teachers, native speakers and carers. Weekly team discussions and regular further training ensure a constant highly professional standard. Furthermore, every school year our team is supported by two gap year students.

Please feel free to contact us in case you have questions. We would like to help you.


School Leadership and Administration  

Head of School: Mr Eckelmann, telephone: 03641 21 99 45,

Deputy headmistress: Ms Schilling

Administration: Ms Rupp, telphone: 03641 22 45 927,

Secretary: Ms Augustin, telephone: 03641 21 99 45,



class 1a: Ms. Arndt

class 1b: Ms van den Bergh

class 2a: Ms. Meißner

class 2b: Ms. Gramß

class 3a: Mr. Pietsch

class 3b: Ms. Guers

class 4a: Ms. Schilling

class 4b: Mr. Littwin


Ms Franke (Health Coordinator)

P.E.: Ms. Meierkord

P.E.: Mr. Pietsch

Religion: Ms. Romanow / Ms. Grünewald

Ethics: Ms. Schilling /Ms. Thomson




Native speaker Englisch

Ms Meißner

Ms Burns

Ms Weih


Native speaker French

Mme Guers

Mme Menu

Mme Kubitz-Leveugle


Day Care Team

Ms Teschner

Mr Ursel

Ms Sellin

Ms Rodgriguez

Ms Abou Karam


gap year

Natalie Rotter / Gaianne Pesquet