Teaching methods

We teach the children many learning styles and methods and guide them to apply them independently and confidently. Therefore, at DUALINGO there are many different teaching methods.

Weekly scheduled work

  • A defined work plan to be done over a certain period

  • Compulsory and optional tasks are to be solved independently

Free work

  • The students have the opportunity to choose tasks and exercises from prepared materials

  • They can develop knowledge of new topics or consolidate what has already been learnt

Project work

  • Students do topic-based work

  • The participation and self-determination of the students is crucial

Group work

  • Developing a topic in chosen groups or in assigned groups

  • Everyone taking on a task to complete the common goal

Individual work

  • The children work on their own without guidance

  • They plan and carry out their assignments independently

Teacher-centred teaching

  • Teachers answer any questions and issues that arise, give general guidance and give back work and results

Station learning

  • A theme is divided into sections which the children work on independently at various stations

  • The emphasis will focus on providing opportunities to reflect the different learning abilities of individual students